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Jul 19th, 2017

In the world of fitness everybody will have their own objectives and methodologies. Basing on the stamina levels the workouts are chosen. Kayla itsines is a famous fitness trainer. By interacting with various clients of her and after doing some research she designed a combination of workouts for women to get them in to perfect shape. She workouts and BBG guide became very famous on internet. These workouts are designed for 25 years to 40 years. It is a 12 week program and is combination of various workout. Read the Kayla Itsines Reviewhere for more knowhow.

Kayla itsines divided her workouts into 3 segments – Resistance Training, Cardio Training, and Rehabilitation training. These 12 weeks are divided between these 3 sections. Total time needed for these workouts is 28minutes. A week is a combination of the exercises falling under these 3 sections. She also suggested the food habits to be followed.

These workouts are famous in instagram and other social media. While doing these workouts one should take care or else will end up with injuries. Here are some techniques to do these workouts.


Abs exercises will generally leave you with sore neck. To avoid this do not put your hands behind neck. Place the tongue touching to upper jaw. Try to avoid stress on the neck muscles.

During squatting many People complain on knee pain. It is due to placing the entire weight on knee muscles. While doing squatting place the weight on center of the body and keep your heels flat to the surface

Another pain we hear about is pain in shinbone. This is mainly because of wrong footwear. Choose the shoe according to your feet.

Drink water in between workouts to avoid dehydration. You may read more in the Kayla Itsines Reviewhere.

In order to measure the effects of the workouts take the pictures for every fortnight. Then do the comparison. You can see the difference in the structure.

There are three sections in BBG. Do not change the order of sequence. Without doing resistance workouts do not jump to cardio workouts.

Do get connected with BBG COMMUNITY as it helps you to stay motivated by looking at the stories and pictures. This will also help you to clear your doubts that aroused during the workouts.

Kayla itsines also launched an app for training women. This app will guide you in doing the workouts on daily basis. The app was named as “sweat with Kayla”.

The workouts proved to be effective on many women. First thing we need to do for effective results is to plan and maintain consistency throughout the workout.

It is also suggested to follow the BBG H.E.L.P for making your body toned with nutrition guidelines.


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