Flavourful Ways of Preparing Halibut

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Jul 15th, 2017

Halibut inhabits the deep ocean floors of Alaska’s pristine inlets. After swimming upright for the first six months of their lives, they rotate to one side and their eyes shift skyward. Their adaptability in nature is matched by their flexibility in the kitchen. The firm delicate texture and clean flavour of Wild Alaskan Halibut lend itself effortlessly to just about any seafood dish and cooking method imaginable.

Eating Halibut, the centrepiece of dinner entree, is every fish lover’s dream. It has all the traits one would love to eat in a fish, from its flaky white flesh to the nutrients it gives. You will surely ask for more after eating it! But preparing it is another story. There are many recipes for this delicious fish. One would love it as an entree but others like it as the main dish. Kids would not want to eat something that is plain and dull for them, they would always ask for something that is flavourful and easy to eat. There are endless possibilities and ways on how to cook fish, but what is the best way on cooking Halibut?

Menu for the healthy way of eating Halibut:

  • Baked Wild Halibut

              Cilantro Halibut
               Corn flakes makes a crispy coating, and cilantro gives zest in this baked Halibut recipe.

              Baked Halibut Limone
              The freshness of lemon combined with garlic make an excellent Halibut entree.

  • Alaskan Halibut Cheeks

               Halibut CheeksSauteed in Vermouth
               A remarkably simple, yet elegant, serving of delicious halibut cheeks.

  • Steamed Halibut

               Cilantro Ginger Halibut
               Use the cilantro-ginger sauce as both a marinade and a serving sauce for the halibut.

  • Grilled Halibut

Grilled Halibut with Citrus, Watercress and Olives

              The molasses included in the marinade helps the fish brown without overcooking it. You won’t taste the sweetness. Goes well with soft, full-bodied white wines.

                Spicy Grilled Alaskan Chili-Lime Halibut
                 Use sweet Thai Chili Sauce for genuine Thai flavor.

  • Cold Salads with Halibut

                Ceviché with Wild Alaska Halibut
               The acid from the limes essentially “cooks” the fish without using heat.

It’s not just about eating healthy, it’s also about the taste and the memory you get whenever you taste something familiar. You can eat healthy and delicious food at the same time. It’s just a matter of how you create it. The experience you’ll get when you eat something so different but melts in your mouth will surely make you crave for more. Halibut will always give you that experience given that it’s one of the best fishes around and it’s a hearty and nutritious meal.

Your friends and family will surely love Halibut. It’s not your ordinary fish fillet or fish and fries meal. It is something that you will agree to whenever you’re at a BBQ or a family dinner. More have proven that they have experienced its healthy effects on their body due to a healthy diet and also because of its wonderful taste. A taste you will never want to miss out on.


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