Destiny 2- PvP detailed

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Mar 15th, 2018

If you have played Destiny, Destiny 2 must have been on your mind since the day it was announced. The game, with its new storyline, has really delivered its promise. It has come with a strong storyline, exciting features, and wonderful upgrades. Destiny 2, like its predecessor, features two types of gameplay.

1- PvP as in Player versus Player

2- PvE as in Player versus Environment

Both gameplays have exciting adventures but are vastly different from each other. While all PvP games have been screened down to only four player teams, PvE still features three-man cells and six-man cells.

The PvP mode

In this mode, players go up against each other in teams of four. Defeating other players and winning quests unlocks new rewards, EXP’s and helps the Guardians gain more Light. The PvP mode is also called Crucible with Lord Shaxx. The gameplay is super intense and if you are up against tough players, you might need  Destiny 2 PvP boost to move ahead.

The Crucible is available in two forms- quickplay and competitive. Quickplay has 3 game modes Clash, Control, and Supremacy.

Competitive has been upgraded to two new modes- Countdown and Survival. In Countdown. one team has to plant a bomb and defend it while the other team defends places from bombs being planted.

In Survival, the teams are given a certain number of lives. If a player dies continuously and the total number of lives reaches zero for the team, the team cannot be revived and loses the round. If it gets hard, you can always use Destiny 2 PvP boost to advance to the next level.

The special feature of Destiny 2, Trials of the Nine, is unlocked on Fridays until Tuesdays. The game rotates between Countdown and Survival every week with a single map of the venue. For completing their tasks in Trials of the Nine, the players meet Emissary of the Nine who offers gears in exchange of tokens. If you can gain 3, 5 or 7 wins you will harvest greater rewards.

However, to gain access to the Trials of the Nine special, you need to have completed Lord Shaxx’s Call to Arms milestone, the campaign and have a Power level of 260 at the minimum.

The Periodic Iron Banner mode is also available in Destiny 2. It continues for a period of one week with daily milestone targets. To play Iron Banner too, you must have completed the campaign and sit at a level 20. Whats exciting is Lord Saladin is featured as an NPC in this mode.

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