Andriol: A steroid that does not harm your liver

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Oct 22nd, 2017

Andriol is used to help the body generate it’s sexual hormone testosterone when not is enough is being made. For men, this testosterone is being produced by the testicles. This is necessary for the normal growth, development and the function of the male sex organs and it’s secondary characteristics. Also this help for the growth of and development of the hair, bones, muscles and red blood cells. Most adult men use Andriol for health problems that are being caused by lack of testosterone. Andriol can help you improve your ability to maintain an erection, low sex drive, tiredness, mood swings or bone loss.

How Andriol works:

Andriol is also a steroid but unlike other steroids, this does not go directly to the liver, instead, it goes directly to the lymphatic system. This will allow steroid to avoid being destructed by the liver, and enter the bloodstream still in one piece.

Andriol can cause you to gain weight

Benefits when taking Andriol:

Andriol has significant effects on the body. Especially if you are using it for its right purpose. Andriol can Increase fat loss, increase your muscle gains, Develop your mood, improves your self-confidence, boosts up libido and helps the body to sleep well. Though Andriol is considered as a weak steroid this will still have a good and positive effect during recovery, workouts, libido and when used on a higher amount also Andriol can cause you to gain weight.  Some bodybuilders avoid to use injection because of allergies or they don’t feel comfortable doing it Andriol is a great alternative since it is only being taken orally without damaging the liver.

Bad effects to the body:

Andriol is a low type of testosterone it has very light side effects to the body also. Though, like all forms of testosterone you can except some aromatization into estrogen. So if you are immune to estrogenic side, you would be advised to use aromatase inhibitor with Andriol. Andriol is very easy on the liver and does not require injections. So if you are trying to avoid injections this is a great alternative for you.


Most hormone doctors will typically start the treatment with from 120 to 160mg per day. They will have this split does and stay on 120mg per day moving forward. However, for athletes or competitive bodybuilders, this kind of dosage won’t affect enough for them to see significant changes. So they tend to intake up to 480mg each day. It is advisable to take Andriol before meals.


Andriol is best recommended to start with a dosage for 240mg each day. Stack it with a lesser dose of Primobolan, trenbolone or Deca Durabolin. Andriol will allow the steroid of your choice do its work without having additional side effects.

Summary: Andriol is a mild body enhancer. If taken properly it will serve its purpose. It will help you improve emotionally and physically. All steroids have good and bad effects. Make sure to know more about what you are going to take before diving into it. You also need to combine using this enhancer with proper diet and good exercise to see the results.

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