Carb Blockers: Are Kidney Beans Extract a Good or a Bad Idea?

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Aug 10th, 2018

These days low carb diets are all over the place, but do they really work. Yes, it works. But if you want to lose weight or overindulge in carbs, then you will find losing weight very frustrating and challenging. The white kidney beans for weight loss can help you by changing how the body metabolizes food that you eat.

Overview of Kidney Beans

Blocks Carbs from getting digested

The white bean extract can be used as the natural and non-stimulant substance in the nutritional and the weight loss supplements. Key benefit of the white bean extract is it delays the digestion and the absorption of carbohydrates just by blocking the enzyme, alpha amylase that allows digestion of the carb in small intestine.

Promotes satiety

By slowing down absorption and digestion of carbohydrates, white bean extract rightly lowers down the glycemic index of the “bad” (or low fiber) carbs. But, is it the good idea of interfering with the natural digestive system?

best way of losing weight

What Are the Carb Blockers?

The carb blocker is one compound that will affect digestive process or cause very less absorption of the dietary carbohydrate. These products will work by interfering with digestion of the carbs for promoting the weight loss, and active ingredient is kidney bean extract. The compound is known as the Phaseolus vulgaris, and is widely accessible in the health stores or online. So, does white kidney bean extract block carbs? For people who would like to lose weight, and aren’t ready to stop on their poor quality of foods like cheeseburgers, pizza, and noodles; the carb blockers have one big appeal.

What’s White Bean Extract?

First, white bean extract is one kind of the alpha-amylase inhibitor. And this extract works as the dietary carb blocker in your body. Claim is it will inhibit amylase that is the digestive enzyme that is responsible for starch digestion. This compound is actually extracted from the legumes, which white bean is a significant source. Whereas the best way of losing weight is eating less as well as exercising more, the preliminary research shows some supplements might have very limited benefits for the weight loss. The white bean extract is actually one of these, though it does not have the similar benefits for everybody, and the additional research is essential to verify potential effects. White bean extract blocks the amylase in digesting starches and can be found in the legumes.

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