Looking for Cheap Flights to Cape Town?

If you are looking for some cheap flights to Cape Town, you have landed at the right place! This article discusses everything you should know about Cape Town, more popularly known as ‘The Mother City’. One of the primary capital cities of South Africa, Cape Town is popular around the world for its Table Mountain which is considered as one of the hottest tourist spot across South Africa. The Cape Town international airport is also one of the main commercial airports in South Africa and is located 21 kms outside the centre of the city.

We give you detailed information of the city here under:

  • Cheap Flights to Cape Town

The cheap flights to Cape Town are some of the most affordable options a passenger can get. Some of the major airlines like Kulula, Flysafair, Mango and South African Airways are among the affordable options. The Cape Town International airport receives approximately seven million passengers every year and has also been awarded the best airport of 2013.

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  • Languages Spoken in Cape Town

There are 11 official languages spoken in South Africa, most of which are African but the most common language used here is English and is also considered as the standard language.

  • Weather in Cape Town

Cape Town has a pleasant weather all the year round and the four seasons are not very distinct as well. They change gradually from one to the other. The middle of October to middle of February is considered as summer months. And the winter months range from middle of April to middle of August.

  • Best time to visit Cape Town

The peak season to visit Cape Town is between the start of December to the end of January which are summer months here. At this time the tourist attractions of the place are crowded with both the locals as well as the tourists from outside. But talking about the best time to visit Cape Town, it is from the end of January to the start of March. The weather at this time is great as well, the tourist attractions are not that crowded and the flight tickets are the cheapest.

  • The basic expenses

The basic expenses here in Cape Town are lesser than those in Johannesburg. Items like an average meal in a restaurant, a regular Cappuccino, a taxi for a kilometer are all cheaper in Cape Town when compared against those in Johannesburg.