Why there is a growing popularity of Sash windows

Sash windows are easy to maintain, have a large glass surface and, in the case of double-hung windows, allow hot air to flow from the top, leaving fresh air in Low for excellent ventilation on warm summer days. Available with all sorts of sealed or surfaced glasses and tiles, the sash windows, adapted to modern technologies, will delight wise buyers. The single sash window offers complete opening of the bottom flap, while the double sash allows the top and bottom parts to slide freely into the frame. In both cases, the flap or flaps swing inward for ease of maintenance. They offer excellent safety with the ventilation latches, limiting the opening.

 Details of sash windows made of aluminum

 Aluminum sliding windows are designed and manufactured for residential renovation and light commercial applications. Whether it’s for a conservatory or for the rooms in your home, sash windows are perfect for replacing a variety of existing window styles. The professionals offer the only aluminum windows in Canada to be CSA approved. They are also available with a variety of decorative options.

Advantages of aluminum sash windows

Aluminum windows offer exceptional durability Stability of materials Limited lifetime warranty on aluminum extrusions 20 year warranty on sealed units Details of sash windows made of natural wood or aluminum Doors and Windows offers natural sash windows (or wood covered with aluminum extrusion on the outside) that give an elegant look to any residence. Combining the nobility of this raw material with the latest technological advances, our natural wood sash windows ensure excellent resistance to the elements.

 Benefits of sash windows made of natural wood or aluminum

  • Durability Choice of colors for aluminum coating
  • 5-year warranty on the wood frame of a window against any manufacturing defect.

 This does not include a wood frame left unprotected. Lifetime warranty on regular sealed glass and lifetime warranty on energy-saving sealed glass, under normal installation and usage conditions, against the formation of film or dust on surfaces internal. In addition to its domestic use, this window is commonly used for office and office counters, as well as in restaurants (such as a flat door without the lower frame).

Finally, thanks to its versatility, the sash window is used to cover spaces where it is impossible to set up other types of opening. The sash window may have a movable leaf and a fixed leaf, or two movable leaves that slide vertically on separate frames.

A head box can be incorporated, inside of which one or both of the movable wings are introduced, which makes it possible to widen the aperture and the field of view. This window is available in PVC and aluminum. This type of window is not available with thermal break. It is therefore recommended to use double glazing to improve acoustic insulation.