when most people appreciate the Darwinian contribution in evolution theory, lesser people know of the other infamous statement attributed to Darwin, ”It’s not the strongest of species that survives, neither is the most intelligent, but the one that is most adaptable to change.” The statement carries immense relevance in all fields, having in mind that the only consistent aspect under the sun is change, only change is constant. When a larvae becomes a pupa, a boy grows intellects and beards and when the clock ticks a second older, it rings a bell, “What does the next minute hold in store?”
It is all the same in the world of computer and handset applications, you need to be alive to the reality that time and tactics changes and without traffic an ‘intelligent’ or ‘strong’ app -in Darwinian language- is as good as redundant.

In simple jargon, this is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store. It’s good to note that before new users try out an app, they need their confidence to be won and as a warrant note is to an electronic gadget, so are installs to the play market. Buying installs on android is a fast, convenient and easy marketing tool that can guarantee an app’s rise in standings to the top ten, cutting the long wait that can be associated with a conventional rise. This however leads us to the next focal point, the credibility of the seller.

digressing to the economics of the installs market, we lay emphasis on some pertinent issues. To begin, the price plays a major role. Every entrepreneur will focus on whether the value of the money invested can be reaped when analyzing the results. The prices also have to be market competitive in respect of the averages prevailing in a correct time.
Secondly, it is imperative to make a consideration whether the installs are from real users and devices. Some buy installs android floated in markets are not from authentic sources, thanks to automatic softwares. The danger of such installs is all lurking. Their lack of authenticity equals their questionable reliability.
Thirdly it is important to have a trusted support system that can guarantee your clients’ satisfaction.
Additionally, there is great necessity as a seller to have conscious market knowledge to make sure that all your clients can get the packages of their choices. The importance of an advisory service can also not be under estimated, it is all necessary for assuring your clients that you are conversant with their individual and collective needs. Moreover, ratings and reviews also form part of the selection criteria, if an installs vendor uses bots and emulators, it means that they cannot give you reviews and ratings that are given by original app users.

a wise app developer is the one who will understand these market dynamics and act accordingly. Heed the call, adapt. It will always be easier to struggle for eminence in the market than to fight to secure breathing space in a market that you have been labeled obsolete.