A Brief Guide on Kayla Itsines BBG Workout Program

There are a large group of people across the world who wants to know about the Australian trainer Kayla Itsines and her popular program called BBG or Bikini Body Guide. Let us take a step back and know exactly what is Kayla’s BBG Workout which made her a star in fitness industry and her clients obsessed about her program.

What Exactly Is BBG Workout?

BBG is the short form of Bikini Body Guide and it is the revolutionary fitness program designed to transform the body of a women with dramatic weight loss results. The workout program comprises of nutrition and fitness plans that span in 12 weeks and can be perform at home or at gym without supervision of any trainer. The BBG Workout is designed around 28 minutes intense workouts which you need to perform 3 days in a week.

The workout program is separated into abs, legs, arms and full body so that users can perform the exercises focusing on all the parts of their body and different muscle groups each day. The workout routine also comprises of moves like planks and push-ups, jumping jacks, burpees, weighted squats and mountain climbers. This combination of cardio exercises and weight training make BBG Workout really very effective and the nutritional plan of the program can help women teach more about their dietary choices to fuel their bodies and reduce calories.

How Does BBG Workout Works?

The BBG Workout comprises of two circuits and each circuit has four moves and you need to perform certain moves repeatedly in each circuit. In the circuit one, you will have 15 push-ups, 15 burpees, 20 lunges on each leg and 20 jumping jacks. All these exercises must be performed as many times as possible within 7 minutes at your own pace. After taking a break of one minute, you need to start with the second circuit which includes new set of four moves. After completely the second circuit, you need to start over again and perform both the circuits again. It is an insanely difficult and challenging exercise which you need to finish in 28 minutes.

The BBG Workout Program also comes with 14 days meal plan which you need to follow carefully for optimal results. The meal plan has substitutions and recipes which you need to follow till the time to achieve the results with the program. It is naturally and there are no side effects associated with the program.