The legality of CBD and its renowned uses

In the presence times, the use, owning and prescription of CBD or cannabinoid is an illegal offence.  Under the schedule 1, the United States of America`s DRUG Enforcement Administration or the DEA lists the marijuana along with CBD as illegal due to their psychedelic effects on the body. The restriction clearly means that the cannabis, in any way can neither be possessed, sold or prescribed.  Already 16 states in the U.S.A have passed the CBD laws.

However, there is a confusion regarding the Hemo derived CBD or THC absent cannabis sativa” hemp” drug since it was initially declared legal due to the legality of the hemp material itself but heavy confusion prevailed in the year 2016 December when DEA announced that any sort of derivative from cannabis plant is treatable under the Schedule 1, thus lumping cannabis and hemp under the same roof of `illegality` which earlier were said to be legal. So, the legality of “hemp” is unclear as of now. But with the research on CBD and its immense positive effects on the body, legalization of cannabis is picking its pace fast.


The popular uses of Cannabis or CBD in treatments

The anti-inflammatory and the anti-oxidant effects of CBD drug is all pervasive and known.  It can be either applied on the body to get relief from pain, can be inhaled or can also be ingested for a long lasting or deep positive effect. Here are some ailments and the effect of cannabis or CBD in treating these ailments. You can avail further information related to this topic from

  • Epilepsy- the effectiveness of CBD or Cannabis in the treatment of epilepsy has created massive uproars in the recent years. It has bestowed thousands of people especially children who suffered from 300 grand seizures of epilepsy within a week lead a life free of seizures. To a great extent, CBD minimizes the recurrence or frequency or epilepsy seizures.
  • Mood disorders- while CBD`S mechanical therapeutic potential in controlling the mood disorders seems unclear yet it has been found that it is very efficacious in treating various neurological disorders like depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, dementia, stress and anxiety disorder. In the treatment of bipolar disorder, it`s found that the anti-seizure medications work as stabilizers for the bipolar patients and they control the symptoms to great extent.
  • Skin ailments- CBD oil is in high demand in the beauty industry owing to its high anti-oxidant effects. Ranging from mild skin issues like skin aging, acne- fighting, pimples and blackheads CBD oil is also effective in treating serious skin ailments like rosacea and psoriasis.
  • Cigarette addiction- preliminary studies have also found that CBD brings down the cigarette consumption in individuals and it curbs its addiction.