Why to select a Sliding Sash windows

Hanging a window placing a conventional window is not very difficult. However, it is somewhat trickier with turn-tilt windows and these are nowadays widely used as standard windows. In the following, we will show you how to attach your window quickly.

In the first place, the window type: Conventional rotary window sash window and Conventional tilt window (usually cellar window) Tilt and turn windows Safe-band window Insert the rotating window an ordinary rotating window can be quickly removed and hung up. Usually there is a small bolt on the fishing rod. This is simply pulled out, the window is opened and pulled upwards. T

The hanging sash windows London work out exactly the opposite way.   Tilt and remove the tilting window Tilt windows have a scissor bearing, so the window cannot tilt anywhere. This shear bearing is usually secured with a securing bolt or a screw. This bolt is removed, then the window is opened. Now it is pulled sideways from the lower anchors. Hanging is carried out exactly the opposite way. Tilt and turn window Tilt-and-turn windows are usually somewhat more complex. Here, too, there is a scissor-type bearing which is secured by a bolt. In addition, the upper tang is also secured accordingly. Both fuses are removed. If necessary, first tilt the window to release the fuses. The window is then opened in the rotary position. It is now only down in the fishing rod and can easily be lifted out. Hanging works the other way around.

These windows function similarly to conventional rotary-tilt windows. The window is opened. Now loosen the lock lever (on the inside) to release the lock. Now the shearing bearing can be suspended. To do this, lift the window for relief. Now the window, which only hangs in one of the lower angels, is slightly tilted to you and simply pulled out. When you hang it in, let it slide into the fishing rod again and then insert and secure the scissor bearing.

 Sliding windows have numerous advantages compared to rotary tilting windows, which can be quite interesting. In the American sector, sliding windows are still common today. There they are still widely regarded as a standard.

Reduced space requirements particularly in tight spaces, turn-tilt windows sometimes interfere when you want to open them. The swivel range of the window wing must remain free. This often squanders valuable space.   A sliding window made of wood or plastic does not have this disadvantage. Opening the window is extremely space-saving because only a part of the window is pushed upwards. They are therefore also called vertical sliding windows. This sliding window variant is almost exclusively common. Horizontal sliding windows are only rarely found in roof windows.

 High light output Sliding windows are usually designed especially high and large, thus offering an excellent light output. In the rooms, more light comes through a window than through several turn-tilt windows. Heating assistance in winter Due to the large single-beam area, windows located south-side provide excellent support for the heating by solar heat. As a result, a high amount of heating energy can be saved under certain circumstances. For the glazing, care should therefore be taken to use a glazing with the highest possible g-value (total degree of permeability).