Factors that affect the trend of hookah smoking in the society

Hookah and its distinctive symptoms constitute a noteworthy social concern and a noteworthy social disturbance. The expanding pattern of smoking hookah among the adolescent has added to this worry. Up to now, various investigations have been done with respect to the commonness of smoking hookah and its related social components. The consequences of these investigations demonstrated that many variables affected hookah pipes and smoking. Here, some of these elements were investigated in light of the past researches on the issue.

Positive viewpoints

Among the young crowd, the most widely recognized explanations behind the desire to smoke hookah were having a ton of fun, disposing of misery, breathing easy, general curiosity, having a novel experience, peer pressure, and social relationship. Some others additionally trusted that smoking hookah gave the sentiment of maturity and manliness. Among different explanations behind smoking hookah, one could point to the sentiment of calmness and diminishing stress and weakness. Besides, various examinations recommended that the younger generation believed that smoking hookah had positive mental impacts, for example, discharging negative energies and stress, diminishing resentment and despondency, overlooking one’s issues, and expanding concentration and self-proficiency.

Individual and psychological characteristics

Individual and psychological attributes additionally assumed a deciding part in smoking hookah through hookah pipes. The consequences of the investigations demonstrated that people with low self-assurance and discretion were more likely to be influenced than others and were all the more effortlessly encouraged to smoke hookah. An absence of capacity to state “no” to friends’ offer, failure to oppose enticement for smoking hookah, and trouble of overlooking hookah smoking in well-disposed settings were the reasons why some youngsters kept smoking hookah.


Another persuasive component with respect to smoking hookah was the way it was seen by the general public’s way of life. This factor is particularly noteworthy in the Middle East, including Iran, with respect to smoking hookah. Some smokers even considered it as an inherited issue and an attractive approach to connect with different tribes. Some hookah smokers, particularly grown-ups, additionally believed that smoking hookah was established in the public culture and was a social indication of correspondence in familial and FRIENDLY get-togethers.

Social acceptance

Social acknowledgment, as a cultural element, additionally had a noteworthy part in empowering hookah smoking, particularly when contrasted with smoking cigarettes. When all is said in done, family and friends assume a huge part in empowering hookah smoking. The researches demonstrated that a high rate of hookah smokers viewed it as socially acceptable and believed that smoking hookah was seen in an emphatic light by others. What’s more,a particular researcheven showed that hookah smokers considered smoking as an indication of fashion in the society.