How flight comparison sites can be the savior of your pocket

Flight journeys are convenient, fast and less time consuming when compared to other modes of transport and they are almost a necessity today, for overseas destinations. However, flight journeys can hit you hard and can be total rip offs if you don’t know to book the right flight for the right journey. This is when flight comparison sights like Flight Factory can be at your aid.

Flight Factory is a flight comparison sight that will help you get the best deals among airlines. You can find out which are the airlines offering the cheapest tickets to your preferred destination. Just being a frequent visitor of these will not help you to the maximum. Here are a few tips to make your flight journey cheaper.

Book only one way tickets

One way tickets can be much cheaper than a set of two tickets that includes the return ticket as well. The time and date of your return ticket is different from your travel ticket and the rates may vary according to that. Check if any other airline is offering you a cheaper ticket for your return and book separately.

Flight Factory

Allow the airlines you prefer to send you notifications

Airlines usually come up with huge discounts and offers and you shouldn’t miss them just because you don’t visit their websites often. This is where signing up and allowing your favorite airlines to send you notifications will pay off. So, the next time you see a notification regarding an offer, just pack your bags and get going!

Make use of the time left for your journey

Some airlines will let you cancel your ticket without any cancellation fees up to 24hrs prior to the flight. If at all you have booked your flight much earlier and later you learn that the prices have dropped down, you can always cancel the old ticket and book it again, thereby saving yourself some money.

Use your credit card to cut flight costs

Some credit cards help you avail discounts on your flights by collecting Avios points (air miles). You can use these credit cards just like any other normal credit card and every time you fill the tank of your vehicle at a gas station or you go grocery shopping at a super market, you can earn points. However, don’t forget to pay your credit card bills on time because if you fail to do so you may have to pay interest on the credit.

If you’re an explorer

If you’re an explorer and you just want to go on a holiday without hurting your wallet much, give the destination as “Everywhere” in your flight comparison sight. This will help you to know the cheapest flights you can take during that particular period.