Think Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

Weight loss and fat loss are 2 different things. Once you understand the difference, you will be able to get a clear picture of what you should aim at for your body. Weight loss is more to do with building your body, whereas fat loss is about losing the fat stored in the body. Though there are weight loss supplements that help you to lose weight, you need to choose a healthy way to get rid of fat and stay fit.

What is the difference?

Weight loss:

Weight loss is the topic most talked about in the health and fitness industry which includes athletes and body builders. So weight loss is when you lose muscle, fat and water stored in the body.

Weight loss does not need a proper training. A crash diet would do.

Once you lose weight, there is a decrease in the fitness level and strength

There is a reduction in the performance.

Immunity reduces and so will your looks.

Fat loss:

Fat loss needs correct nutrition for the body and proper strength training as well.

Once you lose fat, you feel fit and strength is improved.

As you lose fat, your body is able to perform better work outs.

Your immunity builds and hence you are at less risk of any disease along with enhancing your looks.

After having a look at the differences, it looks like fat loss is more important than weight loss. As you track fat loss, your weight will any ways get into place. But there is no chance of tracking fat with weight loss. It is also good to focus on fat loss for those who are looking to lose weight because fat is the cause of your weight.

So, how to lose fat?

There are many weight loss supplements available that suppress your appetite and use the fat stored in your body in the form of energy. However, in order to stay fit and manage your weight, it is always advisable to have a healthy weight loss plan. The concept for fat loss is simple. You need to have proper healthy eating habits along with some cardiovascular and strength training exercises. These should also go hand in hand with a good 8 hours sleep and no stress. Wondering how strength training helps? Even, as you gain muscle while you are losing fat at the same time. So, you might not see any changes on the weight scale but with strength exercises, you are sure tuning your body. However, remember that this is the step to be followed once your diet is in place. Though you may not see a difference in weight, you will notice that your body feels much lighter, attractive and energetic.