Portable toilets are not a new term in the present scenario. However, a curiosity about the service remains unaltered. There are some very interesting things about portable toilets rental that you should know, if you have used them or planning to use soon.

Many say that they can be unpleasant, whereas some arguments that they are classy and posh.  There are several models, sizes and specifications of portable toilets rentals according to the occasion, event, location, and budget. Listed below is the compilation of certain interesting facts about portable toilets.

Interesting Facts:

Different names: The portable toilets are known by various names. A few of them are given below:

  • WC
  • Jon
  • Port-a-potty
  • Portable restroom
  • Honey bucket
  • Port-o-john
  • Johnny-on-the-spot
  • Porta-john

portable toilets rental

Helps in Saving Water: The portable toilets save water and are good for the environment. In a recent study, it has been observed that:

  • Use of portable toilets can save up to 125 million gallons water.
  • Use of portable washrooms annually saves fresh water of 45 billion gallons.
  • Per day, the Americans use much more water while they flush the toilet than while showering or any other work. They use approximately 100 gallons every day. So, portable toilets are very useful for them.
  • 200 gallons water is wasted for running toilet.
  • 90% less water is used by a portable toilet than a conservative toilet.

The first, the best: According to the manufacturers and experts the first toilet in a row is generally least used and thus is the cleanest of all.

5000 units’ portable toilets: According to a porta potty company the largest gathering of portable toilets were held during the inauguration day of the 44th of America for Mr. Barack Obama. The occasion has about 5000 units of portable toilets.

Centuries of portable toilets: If you think, portable toilets are the invention and mastery of the current generation then you are wrong. Portable toilets are dated back in the 6th century and were common in Roam. However, they were then known as a chamber pot.

Toilet paper fold: The U.S. spent approximately $100,000 on an inspection to verify which was frequently used, whether to put the toilet paper in the holder that has a front flap or a back flap. After this, the result showed that the front flap toilet paper holder is widely accepted.

Low maintenance: Portable toilets present the expediency of no maintenance. So, you need not worry about your sewer clogging or any other issues that are associated with conventional toilets. You will also be having a very dependable restroom system when you have an event or a get-together at your location.

Portable toilets are very useful and are saving up so much for you and also the environment. The costs of these toilets are not too high and the service is remarkable. There are several online portals that sell these portable toilets, so surf through to get the correct one for you.