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Jul 14th, 2017

If you have got an android app and you’re wondering how to promote it amongst real users, this is what you need to pay attention at

So the question is what promotes an app like no other thing does? Well the answer to this question is large number of high quality installs from real users on real devices. If you are able to achieve this, it will bring your app on top searches for every relatable keyword at every play store.

Going by regular methods and processes it may a take a long haul for anyone to achieve this. Now again a question arises, Can this be achieved in any other way? The answer is a definite YES! This can be easily achieved by get android installs. This work on simple algorithms of promoting the keywords associated with the apps, these keywords boost the ranks of app to the top thus enabling the app to be on top of every search page related to these keywords.


But one needs to be aware about fake installs provided by a lot of players in the market promising huge number of installs at huge prices.However with real organic installs are provided on real devices.The benifits of getting apps installed by real users is that they might generate genuine reviews in respect to the app which in turn will help get more genuine installs and popularity of the app amongst the users around the world.It also has a provision of targeting audience geographically if one app is based for users in a particular area.


Whereas most of the websites providing similar services charge as high as 0.1$ per install thar to by algorithms using fake inorganic installs.You can benifit vis-a-vis real users and real installs on real devices for a price as low as 0.03$ per install.Under various schemes and packages as per your requirements one can choose different number of installs and that too under same day delivery policy or stated otherwise.And it just does not end here, the user is assured wordwide traffic from real users thus assuring a tremendous increase iin ranking of your app on the play store.

The basic requirement is to have an android app that you have developed and intend to promote amongst users. Promotion is very necessary as no matter how many millions you spend in developing the app untill it finds its target audience it is all waste of an effort.So in order to give your development wings this is your easiest and most convenient platform to chose.

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